Sometimes I blink away a tear. Because we were able to help.

Hans Rooyakkers, intermediary

Hans makes home visits to people who apply to Leergeld Parkstad for the first time. "When people apply to us for the first time, we always visit them at home to discuss the situation and their wishes. Usually parents apply for something for one child. Think of the parental contribution, the contribution for scouting or swimming lessons. But we are there for all children, including all children within a family. Usually I go in with one request and walk out with eight questions; every child has a need or a wish and we fill it. If the conditions are met, of course.

It touches me that within a 4 kilometer radius of my home, so many people are struggling financially. Where 5 years ago 99% of the applications came from families living on welfare, now it is people with a job - sometimes even 2 jobs - and self-employed people. People who work very hard but can't make ends meet. For whatever reason. Sometimes through their own actions, often through reasons beyond their control. I also see a lot of injustice.

Whatever the situation or reason, children always bear the brunt. They are sidelined and bullied because of their parents' situation. That affects me very much. The children are my driving force. For those who cannot stand up for themselves and are faced with their parents' situation, I continue to do this work. No matter how much this affects me. At least I can do something!

People are grateful that we are helping them. In the office, we regularly receive emails from parents who are happy that their children can now participate. Yes, occasionally I even have to shed a tear."