Your world gets bigger

Alex Schouten, volunteer Finance

Alex has been committed to Leergeld Parkstad for 1.5 years. With his financial background, he is a valuable force in Finance. Before he was involved in granting applications, now he is involved in optimizing business processes. From implementing a new system to describing working methods, the jacket fits Alex like a glove; his 'Pietje Precise' qualities come in handy.

"Because of my illness, I was at home for a while. That doesn't make a person better. So I volunteered regularly. But that was always ad hoc, on a project basis. Think of the Outdoor Play Day or the Beweegdag. Volunteer center Landgraaf then pointed me to Foundation Leergeld Parkstad; they were looking for volunteers for a longer period of time. I was - and still am - very happy, because with my MEAO and HEAO background I can now use my knowledge and experience.

Leergeld Parkstad Foundation is a useful organization. It is important for children to do something besides school. Some like sports, others like drama. I see it in my son; he loves crafts and goes to a creative club every Saturday. That way he gets to know other children, but he also gets to know them in a different way than at school. It's also nice to see him learning to look at things differently. It does him good!

Working at Leergeld means a lot to me. Your world gets a lot bigger than sitting at home. Good for your social contacts, it's fun to work with different people and I stay busy in my profession. If I ever get back to work, I've kept my knowledge up to date. And since I ride my bike to work, I have my physical exercise too! So yes, I am happy with Leergeld."