I was able to make my daughter's dream come true. Now I can give something back

Gonda - Parent and volunteer

"And then suddenly you're sitting at home. With health problems. I had always worked, always contributed. But now everything was different. I was alone with my daughter and went down sharply in income. Of course you do everything to give your child a good life. She grew up and she had a dream: she wanted to be a hairdresser.

However, the training was very expensive. The materials you had to buy for the training ... I couldn't give it to her. An acquaintance then told me about Leergeld Parkstad. I submitted the application for the basic package of the training and guess what...? Leergeld made sure we could purchase the materials! My daughter was able to start the training! Great huh!

Later, I read a call from the Leergeld Foundation that they were looking for volunteers. I didn't think twice and applied. Now I could give something back! Because of Leergeld my daughter was able to fulfill her dream. They had helped me and now I could help them and other people! Besides, I am not the type to hold up my hand, I want to work!

We are now 3 years on and I work 4 days a week at Leergeld. I enjoy it so much! The reactions we get, by mail or phone, from people who are grateful that we help them. That does me good! My enthusiasm is apparently contagious: 2 friends of mine now also work for Leergeld.

And my daughter? She is now doing advanced training and also works 2 days a week as a hairdresser. And of course my hair always looks good too! You can imagine!"