Who can apply?

Leergeld Parkstad helps you with a contribution for school supplies pass, sports or hobby like:

  • you live in Beekdaelen, Brunssum, Heerlen, Kerkrade, Landgraaf, Simpelveld or Voerendaal
  • You have child(ren) aged 4 to 18 years.
  • do not have enough money (due to unemployment, welfare, debt, disability, paid work with too little income). 


This way, you can let your child have fun with friends!

What can you request?


- Squla

- Staying over

- School supplies pass for notebooks, pens, calendar, gym clothes and sneakers

  • Laptop
  • School stuff pass, meant for school bag, backpack, diary, notebooks, pens, dictionary, atlas and gym clotheswith logo
  • Entrance to final gala, maximum €50 (not for clothing and transportation)
  • WRTS, a practice platform for high school students to prepare for school tests as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • School Supplies Pass, intended for notebooks, pens, calendar, school bag, dictionaries, etc.

Minor students, or their legal representative, who have demonstrably insufficient financial resources to purchase educational supplies can apply for the income test at Leergeld Parkstad. The school assesses which educational supplies will be reimbursed. 


For ages 4 to 18

Children ages 4 to 18:

  • Contribution
  • Excursion/camp
  • Entry fee
  • Clothing for scouting
  • Children's holiday work
  • Playground subscription maximum € 25.00
  • Annual pass GaiaZOO or Roda JC season ticket
    Children living in Kerkrade
    Choice GaiaZOO or Roda JC

For children ages 4 to 12. A present, streamers and a treat at school. 

Note: Apply 3 months before the birthday.


Children 4 to 18 years:

  • Contribution and tuition
  • Registration and examination fees
  • Clothing and shoes (e.g., for dance and ballet)
  • Rental of musical instrument
  • Camp



For children 4 to 18 years old. 

Compensation for:

  • Contribution and tuition
  • Enrollment and examination fees
  • Clothing
  • Sports bag: once every 2 years


We reimburse for children as young as 5 years old:

  • A-Diploma 
  • B diploma 
  • C-diploma 

Is the sport or hobby not listed?

If so, please contact us. You may receive reimbursement but the sport is not yet listed in the table.

Say yes!

To your child

How does applying work?

  • copy of last paycheck or benefit statement
  • copy of child support (if applicable)
  • what do you want to apply for? A sport, hobby or something for school (a laptop, a bicycle)
  • at which association, scouting, dance school or club does your child want to join?
  • what are the costs: membership/teaching fees and e.g. when does the activity start?

The application comes to us and we review it. Are you applying the 1st time? Then we come to your home to discuss the application. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks to assess the application. 

If we approve the application, LGPS and JFSC will pay the dues to the club or organization. They also reimburse sportswear, shoes or the rental of a musical instrument. 

It is important that you have not yet paid the bill yourself.


Eligible for a scholarship from the Mia Keulaerds Scholarship Foundation?

Are you interested in an undergraduate program at Maastricht University? Are you a student with financial need, living in the Parkstad region? Then you may be eligible for a scholarship from the "Mia Keulaerds Scholarship Foundation.